Friday, February 14, 2014

How I Spent My Valentines Day

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day, I know that I did. I knew that my Fiance had work late on V-Day in RL, so I planned something for when the clock hit 12am in SL. I decided to keep things simple and surprise him with a little picnic set up in the privacy of our own home, along with a lovely gift and second surprise as well..

It was wonderful to have time to ourselves and simply just talk about anything and everything that came up. Sometimes planning an SL wedding can be quite stressful or you forget to connect with your partner due to having things to do or your friends that you wish to catch up with. We've always been pretty good about having that alone time; it doesn't need to be 24/7 time together as we are each our own people with our lives with SL.

Our time together this day has made me more than excited for next weekend; if you are not among our friends, you'll know soon enough when I write up that blog. For now I leave you with a few pictures that I snapped during our alone time. You may notice that his suit is by EPIA and can be found among the goodies at this months The Mens Dept  ♥

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