Thursday, May 1, 2014

First of the Month Means Shopping!!!!!!

Today is the first day of May which means that quite a few events opened up today. I admit that at times I am one of those people who stays up waiting for the clock to strike 12am SLT; this time I didn't and I am happy that I didn't do such, getting some much needed sleep. There are three events that I went too today; Pink Fusion Hunt, Fameshed and a new one that I had never heard about until a few days ago Enchantment. I'm going to break each this down into sections so please forgive me if my post goes a bit longer than normal.

The Pink Fusion Hunt has 50 stores that each have an item hidden in their store for only 5L. Some of the designers that I like are there such as REIGN, Gawk!, Holli Pocket, and Forever Young Those are just a few to name out of the many stores offering goodies. I'm going to focus only on two of the items that I got today.

Pink Fusion Hunt Outfit offered by Lolita

 Above is an outfit that Lolita had,a nice zip tube top and light faded jean shorts. As you can see it comes with appliers for both the Linc Phat/Cute Azz as well as for Lolas.  I very much liked the zip detail of the top even with the Lolas on. It's going to make such a wonderful summertime outfit.

Pink Fusion Buckled Pumps Offered by REIGN.

 Above are shoes from a store that I have grown to love so much over the last month; REIGN. I have to give a shout out here to Illy Reign and Kenadee Reign Funeral these two women work their asses off making a number of shoes that I have been beyond impressed with, as well as their friendliness in their store group chat that I was 'coaxed' into finally speaking in yesterday. Their store has had a number of new releases as of late so I knew to expect something good once more and I wasn't disappointed at all what so ever. For Pink Fusion they offered Buckled Pee-Toe Pumps for Slink High Feet but the bonus is that they came in the two toned color above as well as a solid pink as well. So I got two pair of shoes for 5L, how on earth can you beat that?

This month at Fameshed there are many offerings but this time around I was drawn in more by a lovely dining room table, chairs, lighting and rack all called Darya that I saw by Trompe Loeil. Sadly it's not all sold together which would have been nice but for that they make up by offering three different tables and chairs in color palettes Spring, Autumn and Neutral. I decided to get the Spring for both table and chairs; you can change the texture of the fabric to one of the 23 offered through the menu. The table also come with one without a table cloth as well as plates which are texture change, salt and pepper shakers, napkins with silverware within, wine glasses and plain silverware. All of which are copyable so you can rez out as many as you would like.

Here's the set up of my dining room for the moment: 


Look who popped in for Brunch; My Sister Mandy!

This month's round of Enchantment is themed 'Sleeping Beauty' with 20 stores participating. I found many things that I love, but there is also something new going on. With your purchase there is a stamp card, wear the stamp card and TP around to all 20 stores to collect stamps to fill the card. Once the card is full, you can redeem it for any prize available at the prize location, which is given once you grab that very last stamp! I had two cards and gave one to my sister so that she could pick out a prize as well. I'll be getting two more items for the stamp cards, as those prizes offered are really something special!

Here are some of the items that I got today:

Mirror Mirror, Am I Pretty?

On my vanity you'll see on the right Little Brior Rose N&S Reed Diffuser from
!Ohmai for 75L and on the left, Night Time Care - Evil Fairy from O.M.E.N. for 75L as well.

Close Up of Merry Weather Pose by !bang

 The pictures above are from the Merry Weather pose offered by !bang for 250L. First off I have to give a shout out to Luna Jubilee, I had an issue with my stamp card not being in the package and she helped me out and was so very kind about it; be sure to check out her blog which I linked as it's another one on which I lurk silently. I love almost everything that !bang poses has to offer; I admit that I am there weekly wondering what other poses to add to my ever growing collection. I really love the different angle at which you can take a close up, like the last picture for example. I was posing with my sister Mandy and it was a lot of fun.

I'll share some of the prizes that I got for Enchantment in my next post hopefully, they really are offering some wonderful things. Well I better end this.. it's rather long. Until next time! ♥

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