Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Did You Remember Too? Did You...?

First off I have to throw a lot of credit to miss Strawberry Singh, as once again thanks to lurking on her blog I have found something which made me not only smile but add a bit more to my office at the same time. :D At the end of her post for the Monday Meme she took a moment to talk about a new product from Plethora - The New Custom Tablets Priced at 1500L. I of course had to go have a look (Totally getting one next week!) and while I was there found quite a few things that I simply feel in love with but the thing that I ended up loving the very most were the Chalkboard Checklists!!! There are 10 commons and 2 rares to play for, each one is 1 land impact and are priced at 25L per gacha play. I got a few and set them up in my office; what do you all think?

Down Time at home in my office with Izzie ♥

My office for the time being

I love these cute little checklists, I placed out the four which I do use and think about the most often; Blogging,Shopping, Photography and DJing. Below are the pictures of what's written on each one. Hope that you all enjoy until next time more than likely tomorrow ^^



DJing \0/

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