Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Time

So here I am again once more falling behind with blogging, I do apology to those of you who read. I've become obsessed with Photoshop CS6 since I've gotten it, along with tweaking my settings in firestorm a bit more. (I finally know how to mirror water properly!!!) It's finally spring in full effect, new fashions and styles are coming out now almost weekly if not more. I've been to so many fairs and events now, seen many highs and lows. I promise that for the next fair I will write a blog about it and not just post a few pictures here and there to facebook. But one fair that everyone should go to if they are in love with taking photos in Second Life as I am; Pose Fair 2014! Open from April 19th until May 3rd. Do not miss it over 100 stores!!!!

I found quite a few little goodies that I'll try to share over the next few days. Here's one from Exposeur that I simply had to pick up and had quite a bit of fun testing it out with my husband.
Let Me Take A Selfie #1

Hopefully I'll be able to share another one tomorrow that I am really liking if I can catch my sister :D I think she might enjoy it as well. This is getting a bit long now so I started write another post about all that I have been up too with many pictures included. Stay safe and enjoy the magic of springtime everyone \0/

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