Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Moving Forward....

Happy Tuesday to one and all. Today I am seriously considering moving my blog. Blogger has been great and all but there are certain things that I do not like, things which are really beginning to annoy me more and more as time goes on. I have dealt with WordPress more than once before and have begun to miss the layouts they has, as well as wondering what they have added and fixed since the last time I used it.

Another reason I want to move, in reality this blog was started as a hobby and as something that I was going to share with my then Husband in Second Life. Something to share our lives, take turns posting. I do not enjoy being reminded of that from time to time, even more so when I have moved on from it a great deal and am with someone new. You cannot truly let go of the past until everything has been dealt with in someway or manner. I suppose my blog from yesterday made me take a hard look at myself and decide what it is that I truly want.

Anyways I'm off to look at what WordPress now has to offer me, if all goes well....I'll be spending my day putting together another blog and transferring old posts over to it.

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